In timp ce Google ne spune ca Laura Bush e alaturi de sotul ei, George, (Asahi Shimbun ne spune chiar ca cei doi se pregatesc sa vada un film japonez), intreaga presa romaneasca vrea cu tot dinadinsul sa ne informeze ca ei divorteaza.

Stirea a fost data de Realitatea , Evenimentul Zilei si Antena 3.

Eu cred ca si-au luat teapa.

Ca surse sunt indicate National Inquirer si The Globe Magazine.

Problema e ca The Globe, cel putin, tot anunta divortul asta de vreun an.

081406_globedivorce_0preview.jpg globe110606preview.jpg divorcedeal.jpg

Ca sa nu mai spun ca faza ciorcula de prin 2004 (campania electorala?) ca snoava.

Citing “irreconcilable indifferences, his thing is way too small and other problems,” Laura Bush has filed for divorce against King George the Dunce.

“I can’t even find his you-know-what, his hands and fingers are stumpy and useless, and his tongue can’t speak Spanish, let alone English or finding my magic button.”

Mrs. Bush is asking for 5 billion dollars, 3/4 of the White House, and a court order against her twin daughters coming within a mile of her: “Let’s face it. Jenna and Barbara are drunken drugged out whores, I deserve a large chunk of the Whitey House, and Dumya has enough stock and land and cash to feed a dozen Chinese armies.”

Mrs. Bush has plans to open a driving school, “have an orgasm without a vibrator for the first time in ten years,” and/or become a Democrat and work for John Kerry.