Istoria jihadului contra romanilor

    O interesanta trecere in revista a istoriei luptelor dintre otomani si tarile romane. Chiar daca uneori e prezentata altfel decat am invatat noi la scoala.

    Se vorbeste de Mircea cel Batran, Vlad Tepes, Stefan cel Mare, Mihai Viteazul…

    O chestiune interesanta:

    There have been very few instances in the history of the Islamic Jihad, where the inveterate brutality of the Muslims was surpassed by their adversaries. They included the Nubians of Southern Sudan, the Franks of France, the Crusaders, the Mongols under Hulagu Khan who massacred the entire city of Baghdad and the Romanians (of the Dracula legend). All these people had one thing in common they successfully checkmated and defeated the Islamic Jihadis. In this string of people, it was the Romanians and the Crusaders who excelled in overawing the Jihadis with their raw monstrosity. And this is precisely why they could defeat the Jihadi Terrorists.